Addicted 2 Shoes was established in August 2013 by owner Danya Knox and is operating as an online shoe boutique based in the DFW, TX  area. We offer unique, bold and fashion-forward footwear at affordable prices. Are you addicted 2 shoes and love to be different? Well, you are definitely in the right place. We help you feed your addiction and stand out from the crowd. We believe all addictions aren't bad and this is definitely a good one to possess.

We strive to bring you a variety of unique trendy styles that will satisfy anyone's craving. Our CEO is addicted 2 shoes and knows how expensive addictions can be. That is why, she takes pride in getting the best deals from our suppliers so we can pass down the savings to our customers. You can feed your addiction without worrying about the expensive price tags. 

We value our customers so we strive to provide exceptional customer service and want you to have the best dine-in experience with us. So start feeding your addiction today for less and we will see you later for a second helping. Remember be bold, be fashionable, be uniquely you!